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Coordinated by Mark Marino (USC), Jeremy Douglass (UCSB), Catherine Griffiths (USC), Ali Rachel Pearl (USC), and Teddy Roland (UCSB). Sponsored by the Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab (USC), and the Digital Arts and Humanities Commons (UCSB).



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  • Thanks, @markcmarino ! What is interesting about Foerster's isomorphism is that the literature on Maxwell's Demon and computing goes into much more detail on this thought experiment, but yet doesn't have quite the same metaphoric strength of Foer…
  • For an always intriguing combination of cybernetics and dense philosophy and a window into 2nd order cybernetics, check out this excellent anthology of Heinz von Foerster’s papers: Foerster, Heinz von. 2003. Understanding understanding: essays on…
  • @jeremydouglass : Thanks for pointing out these distinctions! Let me try to clarify: * By "they bridge" I definitely mean in their joint homology. Foerster's juxtaposition of these procedures to me is completely convincing, so we cannot say …
  • @ebuswell: The way operators precede all operands in nevm is reminiscent of prefix notation in languages like Lisp. I’m interested in how prefix notation directly changes the information architecture of code syntax or the visual appearance of cod…
  • It is also interesting to note that after the surge in interest in visual modeling languages like UML, one type of software development in industry has moved towards writing specifications in the form of unit tests, with a language like Cucumber, Sp…
  • Hi, I’m Gregory Bringman, an independent scholar and professional developer with interests in critical code studies, the history and philosophy of science, French philosophy, and digital encyclopedism. I am trained as an artist, with a BFA in new me…