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  • @jmjafrx The question of what kind of game can properly articulate the issues of embodied racial experience (or whether a game can do this at all) is a tough one, and one that I struggled to answer as I wrote my first response to this thread. My ini…
  • @markcmarino said: And yet, I think this instantiation of the Turing Test can also be viewed as a critique of the kinds of Shibboleth used in digital realms, for even though profiling systems may base their readings of humans on much more complex…
  • The initial thought that comes to mind when I look at the code and play through the game is that the act of passing isn't really reducible to a binary Turing Test of Sylvann/Not-Sylvann (or really even Turing Computability in general). While I appre…
  • I'm happy to see Galloway (and specifically Laruelle) brought up here, as his writings on data, information, and decisional relation have been influencing my thoughts on digital poetics as of late (count this as another recommendation of that book @…
  • @jeremydouglass @melstanfill A tradition I'd add to the two that Jeremy has laid out would be the tradition of indeterminacy and chance operations in avant-garde art/performance and aleatoric music. This actually leads in the opposite direction from…
  • Hello all, my name is Jamal Russell, and I'm a PhD student in the University of California, Santa Barbara's Department of English, where I'm also serving as the research assistant for the department's Transcriptions Center (and have had the pleasure…